Teve Rajamets

Sample submission


Samples can be transported to our lab (room 532) by yourself or sent with a courier (e.g. DHL, UPS, Fedex; we do not recommend sending with regular mail!) to:
Proteomics Core Facility,
University of Tartu, Institute of Technology,
Nooruse 1,
Tartu 50411

Cells, tissues, bodily fluids and similar must be shipped frozen (e.g. on dry ice). Cells grown in suspension must be submitted as pellets without the liquid medium. Gel bands and protein precipitates may be shipped at ambient temperature, but we also recommend cooled shipping. Radioactively marked proteins or compounds may not be shipped nor submitted to the facility.

Electronic submission form is required with the samples:
For proteomics samples (NB! The PDF-form must be first downloaded before it can be filled and edited; do not use Apple PDF Preview for filling the form, use only Adobe Acrobat Reader).

NB! Waiting time for analysis results is normally within 2-4 weeks depending on the number of samples, time of the year (during April-June there may be delays) and the technical state of the instruments. We recommend handing your samples over as early as possible to book a spot in the analysis queue.

You can check the current number of submitted projects, samples and estimated analysis time here.

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