Venia Legendi Arun Kumar Singh "A bit of Math for your Robots: Optimization and Probability for Motion Planning and Control "

16:15, Tuesday, Sept 18th 2018, Institute of Technology, Nooruse 1-121


As robots transition from confined factory floors into real-world environments amongst humans, they need the ability to quickly adapt to the changes in its environments. This, in turn, requires algorithms which are computationally faster and perform sophisticated reasoning while considering the inherent uncertainty in the environments. In this lecture, I will discuss how concepts from mathematical

optimization coupled with a bit of probability theory can help us develop sophisticated algorithms for robot motion planning and controls. In particular, I will be highlighting my experiences while working on problems like Autonomous Driving, Manipulation and Human-Motion modeling.

Short Biography

Arun Kumar Singh
Email: aks1812@gmail.com

Current employment: postdoc in Laboratory of Automation and Hydraulics (AUT), Tampere University of Technology, Finland


Robot motion planning and control, mathematical optimization, Reinforcement Learning/Optimal Control, Neural Networks.