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About the institute of technology

Institute of Technology is a multidisciplinary research institution that gives broad-based education. It gives a strong advantage in Estonian and also in the world job market. Institute unites computer engineering, robotics, electronics, material science, biosciences and environmental technologies, therefore our students have a broad opportunity to work with scientists who are creating novel solutions in all fields. Practical courses give students the opportunity to gain necessary skills in order to work in industry during and after the studies.

The scientific work of our Institute focuses on six main areas - biomedical technologies, environmental technologies, systems and synthetic biology, intelligent materials and systems, intelligent computer vision and materials in extreme environments. 

Our scientists bring innovation and new technologies in science and therefore are highly valued all over the world. We work closely with companies and contribute practical and innovative solutions. 

Institute of Technology creates a favorable environment for achieving excellence - therefore we can be the home for world class specialists, leaders and scientists all over the world.

As of 2022 the institute has approximately 200 employees, half of whom are academic employees: ten professors, 33 associate professors, 36 researcher-lecturers. A quarter of our employees are from outside Estonia.

In 2022, the premises of the Institute of Technology will be located in five different educational buildings - at Nooruse 1, Chemicum, Physicum and Delta Center. The Biosafety Core Laboratory is located in the Transitional Medicine Center.

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