Simulation technology

The core facility of simulation technologies operates at the materials in extreme environmental conditions working group, and its main goal is to find a commercial application for computer simulation methods used and developed at the institute of technology. Examples of applied methodology are finite element analysis, fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics, density functional theory (DFT). We also use combinations of methods in a multiscale framework. The most important software used are Comsol Multiphysics, OpenFOAM, LAMMPS, Gaussian, VASP, FEMOCS.

The main focus of the core laboratory of simulation technologies is the provision of finite element method and fluid dynamics simulations to Estonian companies, as well as to the international market. In the international competitive situation, molecular dynamics and DFT are added. The core laboratory focuses primarily on solving nonlinear and multiphysics problems in situations that require adaptation of methodologies and are generally not cost-effectively available to companies when implementing standard software (Ansys, Solidworks Simulation, etc.). In this way, we acquire a market niche and ensure the effective use of highly qualified laboratory.







Picture 1 Examples of offered simulation solutions. From the top, acoustic simulation using the finite element method, multiscale simulation in the atomistic scale and molecular dynamics.

The experience so far in providing services to Estonian companies has demonstrated considerable interest on the part of companies in providing the corresponding services. In the expansion of the service offering, the biggest bottleneck has been the lack of information necessary for companies - they have not had the opportunity to find the provision of the corresponding service in TÜTI. The establishment of a core laboratory allows eliminating this bottleneck and making our competence and the solutions offered available to companies.

Current project partners: ABB, AS Kodumaja, Estonian Navy, Estonian Defense Forces, Saint-Gobain Glass Estonia SE, Kuma Wood OÜ, Milrem Robotics, Estelaxe, Tark Laut, Venteco Systems OÜ, Koivakonnu OÜ, Robolab OÜ, CERN, Scannersock OÜ, Ars Inc .

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