Reet Kurg is re-elected as the director of the Institute of Technology

On November 18th, 2020, the Council of the University of Tartu, Institute of Technology re-elected Reet Kurg as a director of the Institute for 2021 to 2023. 

According to Reet Kurg, within the last three years, the biggest achievements are the growth both of the staff and research projects by a third. “We have made a major contribution to the very important research on the coronavirus. Our Professor Tanel Tenson has successfully started a monitoring project from the waste water. In addition to that, our researchers are working with coronavirus diagnostics methods, for example the coronavirus rapid test.” Director explained that the Institute of Technology has also contributed to society: “I would especially point out our Professor of Applied Virology Andres Merits, who has done a great job of speaking up and explaining the scientific background and research on the coronavirus.”

Over the next three years, Kurg want to keep the research at the Institute of Technology at the top level and develop cooperation both with research and development facilities but also with companies. Kurg explains: “We can see clearly that scientific contribution in society is more important than ever. Our interdisciplinary research is a great way to do that, because it allows to develop novel solutions.” In addition, Kurg believes that it is also important to contribute to employees: “Our biggest value is our people. Therefore, we have to create and ensure good working conditions.”

Reet Kurg has been the director of the Institute of Technology since 2018 and a Senior Research Fellow in Gene Technology at the Institute of Technology since 2003.

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Reet Kurg
Institute of Technology, director