Teve Rajamets

Intelligent Computer Vision

Intelligent Computer Vision (iCV Lab) is the first and biggest computer vision and applied machine learning lab in Estonia. Our research work focus on applications of artificial intelligence in particular on deep understanding of human behaviour analysis, applied machine learning, image processing, and human-robot interaction. Our works have been published in world-class journals and conference. We have developed many AI solutions for rapidly growing startups in Estonia and big companies around the world. Our developed solutions have been used in security, smart city, text and image analysis, e-commerce and VR/AR applications.

Gholamreza Anbarjafari Professor of Computer Vision 0.75 p, PhD (Electrical Engineer)

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Doctoral defence: Liubov Cherkashchenko “New insights into alphaviral nsP2 functions”

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Teadlane laboris

Consortium led by the University of Tartu received €30 million to upgrade the Estonian Centre for Biosustainability to a hub of digital biology