Kaspar Koolmeister

Veronika Zadin, professor of material technology

The research group focuses on the behavior of nanoscale materials in complex environments and extends the control of nanomaterials for interdisciplinary and extensive use.

The ERA Chair MATTER combines the expertise of research groups at the University of Tartu in multidimensional computer simulations, nanomanipulation, applications of nanotechnology, and molecular biology, all related to various aspects of the development and utilization of nanomaterials in extreme environments.

We investigate and develop materials under the influence of high electromagnetic fields, nanometer-atomic scale structures, and biological environments - crucial factors in the construction of CERN particle accelerators, finding new green energy technologies, and developing innovative nanotechnology applications, such as in cancer treatment.

Studying the damage mechanisms of nanoscale materials in extreme environments enables new solutions in fields such as biomedical applications (nanomedicine, drug delivery, regenerative medicine), renewable energy sources, high electric field applications, high-power microwave and radar devices, materials research, ICT and electronics applications, MEMS & NEMS, etc.


Professor of Materials Technology, Veronika Zadin

Associate Professor of Extreme Environment Materials Technology, Andreas Kyritsakis

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Veikko Penti Linko

Researcher in Atomistic Simulations, Ehsan Moradpur-Tari

Researcher in Nanomanipulation, Sven Oras

Researcher in Multiscale Simulations, Tauno Tiirats

Researcher in Nanomanipulation, Edgars Butanovs

Ph.D. students:

Mart Ernits, Ye Wang, Roni Koitermaa, Elyad Damerchi


Doctoral defence: Chung-Yueh Yeh "Characterization of MPK and HT1 kinases in CO2-induced stomatal movements"

On 17 May at 14:15, Chung-Yueh Yeh will defend his doctoral thesis "Characterization of MPK and HT1 kinases in CO2-induced stomatal movements".

Doctoral defence: Mariliis Hinnu "In Vitro Methods for Studying the Mechanisms of Ribosome-Targeting Antibiotics"

On 13 May at 14:15, Mariliis Hinnu will defend her doctoral thesis "In Vitro Methods for Studying the Mechanisms of Ribosome-Targeting Antibiotics".

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