Teve Rajamets

Synthetic Biology and Bio-Based Materials

Synthetic Biology and Bio-Based Materials is a field that designs and finds applications for synthetic intracellulat signal and regulation systems in order to produce chemicals, materials and medicine with cell factories.

Mart Loog Professor of Molecular Systems Biology, PhD (Medical and Physiological Chemistry)

Kaspar Valgepea Associate Professor of Gas Fermentation Technologies, PhD (Chemistry)

Arvi Jõers Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology, PhD (Cell Biology)

Lauri Vares Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry, PhD (Organic Chemistry)

Marje Kasari Visiting Research Fellow in Microbiology, Visiting Research Fellow, PhD (Chemistry)

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Doctoral defence: Liubov Cherkashchenko “New insights into alphaviral nsP2 functions”

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Teadlane laboris

Consortium led by the University of Tartu received €30 million to upgrade the Estonian Centre for Biosustainability to a hub of digital biology