Teve Rajamets

Intelligent Materials & Systems

Intelligent Materials and Systems is a field that designs and builds different robotics and developing new materials.

Alvo Aabloo Professor of Polymeric Materials, Materials Science, PhD (Physics)

Indrek Must Associate Professor of Soft Robotics, PhD (Physical Engineering)

Karl Kruusamäe Associate Professor of Robotics Engineering, PhD (Physics)

Tarmo Tamm Associate Professor of Materials Science, PhD (Inorganic Chemistry)

Arun Kumar Singh Associate Professor of Collaborative Robotics, PhD

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Doctoral defence: Liubov Cherkashchenko “New insights into alphaviral nsP2 functions”

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Teadlane laboris

Consortium led by the University of Tartu received €30 million to upgrade the Estonian Centre for Biosustainability to a hub of digital biology