EIT Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing Innovation Webinar, 30.- 31. may 2024

EIT Manufacturing Innovation Webinar

Join us for a dynamic 2-day webinar on Manufacturing and Industrial Insights and Tendencies from EIT Manufacturing in association with its partner university, University of Tartu offering a distinctive approach by comprehensively examining the historical progression of tool design, tracing its evolution from manual drafting techniques to the era of digital transformation✨

 🚀 Gain insights into the historical evolution of design tools

🚀 Understand the role of digital supply chain in modern manufacturing

🚀 Learn to apply #AI and expert systems for efficient process design and production planning in manufacturing

🚀 Essential skills to navigate and innovate within the dynamic digital manufacturing environment

LIMITED OFFER: Students studying at one of EIT Manufacturing partner universities are eligible for a 25% OFF on all 6 webinars.

⏳ Hurry up!! Discount is limited to first few registrations only.

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Webinar fee

General fee: €66

For EITM University partner students: €56