Teve Rajamets

Research groups

Biomedical technologies

Reet Kurg Professor of Molecular Biomedicine, PhD (molecular biology)

Andres Merits Professor of Applied Virology (employment contract suspended), researcher-professor, PhD (biology)

Alla Piirsoo Associate Professor of Molecular Virology, PhD (Gene Technology)

Tanel Tenson Professor of Antimicrobial Technology, PhD (Molecular Biology)

Kaido Kurrikoff Associate Professor of Molecular Biotechnology, PhD (Neurosciences)

Margus Pooga Professor of Chemical Biology, PhD (Biochemistry)

Arto Pulk Associate Professor of Structural Biology, PhD (transgenic technology)

Taavi Lehto Associate Professor of Molecular Biomedicine 0.8 k, PhD (Biomedical Technology)


Environmental technologies

Hannes Kollist Professor of Molecular Plant Biology, PhD (plant physiology)

Ebe Merilo Associate Professor of Plant Biology, PhD (Plant Ecology and Ecophysiology)

Veljo Kisand Associate Professor of Molecular Ecology, PhD (Hydrobiology)

Hanna Hõrak associate professor of molecular plant physiology, PhD (biomedical technology)

Leho Tedersoo


Synthetic biology and bio-based materials

Mart Loog Professor of Molecular Systems Biology, PhD (medicinal and physiological chemistry)

Kaspar Valgepea Associate Professor of Gas Fermentation Technologies, PhD (chemistry)

Arvi Jõers Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology, PhD (Cell Biology)

Lauri Vares Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry, PhD (organic chemistry)

Marje Kasari Visiting Researcher in Microbiology, Visiting Researcher, PhD (Chemistry)


Intelligent Materials and Systems Laboratory

Home page of the Laboratory for Intelligent Materials and Systems

Alvo Aabloo Professor of Polymer Materials Technology, PhD (Physics)

Indrek Must Associate Professor of Soft Robotics, PhD (Physical Information Technology)

Karl Kruusamäe Associate Professor of Robotics, PhD (Physics)

Tarmo Tamm Associate Professor of Materials Science, PhD (inorganic chemistry)

Arun Kumar Singh Associate Professor of Collaborative Robotics, PhD


Intelligent computer vision

Gholamreza Anbarjafari Professor of Machine Vision 0.75 k, PhD (Electrical Engineering)


Materials in extreme environmental conditions (MATTER)

Veronika Zadin Professor of Materials Technology, PhD (Physical Information Technology)

Andreas Kyritsakis Associate Professor of Materials Engineering for Extreme Environments, PhD


CERN-i hindamiskomisjon Tartu Ülikoolis

CERN task force explores Estonia’s scientific excellence and fundamental research achievements at the University of Tartu today

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Doctoral defence: Kai Rausalu “Alphaviral nsP2 protease: from requirements for functionality to inhibition”

On 15 June at 15:15 Kai Rausalu will defend her doctoral thesis “Alphaviral nsP2 protease: From requirements for functionality to inhibition”
#research #for society

Doctoral defence: Kristina Kiisholts “Peptide-based drug carriers and preclinical nanomedicine applications for endometriosis treatment”

On 28 April at 13:15 Kristina Kiisholts will defend her doctoral thesis “Peptide-based drug carriers and preclinical nanomedicine applications for endometriosis treatment”